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Arrangements, instruments  & vocals by Wim Oudijk.

Bass guitar on 3, 4, 7 & 9 by Guus van Leeuwen.

Electric guitars on 4, 6, 7 & 11 by Vladimir Spisiak.

Gitars on 6 & 11 arranged by Vladimir & Wim.

Special thanks to Vladimir: guitariste extraordinaire!

Cover art by Georges Laporte, assisted by Gentiane Laporte.

Design by Bert Koops.

Mix and mastering by Guus van Leeuwen & Wim Oudijk.

Inspiration by Georges Brassens & Guy Béart and, as always, Van Dyke Parks.

Produced by Wim Oudijk.

Thank you to everybody involved, and a special thank

you to Renée Oudijk for starting all this by buying the records.

Lyrics  can be found at : http://www.paroles.net

“ Paroles B & B” is an attempt to pay my respects to Georges Brassens and

Guy Béart who, each in his own time and way, broadened my horizon

Musically, but especially in their lyrics I found

apart from humor and wit, a general matter-of-

factness that, to me, is very refreshing.

The variety of topics they write about is virtually unlimited and

ranges from young lovers on a park bench, (dreaming of

the wallpaper in their child’s bedroom but their pink cloud will soon loose

it’s silver lining when relatives and clergymen get involved). (Les amoureux

des bancs publics) to the French -

Indian chamber of commerce as a beautiful but unfaithful lover. (Chandernagor)

From ducks to turkeys to pigs...

From a missing hat to the wind to the muddy

clogs of a plain girl...

And, of course, from love to love...


Play: “Il y a plus d’un an”

Play: “La cane de Jeanne”