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1 Ja, graag

      Deel één van de trilogie:  Beknopte geschiedenis van

       de westerse cultuur. Volgende CD’s de andere delen.

      Dan heeft de band het ook ingestudeerd.

2 Dust will turn to dust

      Now you see, now you don’t.  It all depends on what

       you’re looking for.

3 Never see the sun

       Identikit picture.  Parts of several people I’ve known.

       They wouldn’t appreciate the sunny Cuban part

4 I just can’t wait

     Originally written as a Supremes song ,  (doo-de-doo,

      doo-doo-de-doo) it re-emerged in my favourite 6/8

     measure. Lotte Beukman plays the celli.

5 My blue telephone

      Hommage to the late great Harry Nilsson.  Written

     when he wasn’t late yet, but great already.  Thanks!

6 Unattainable love

      Kind of a love song. Twisted.

7 Clear light

      Never too old to let it rock !

8 The road

      Home-grown wisdom in stereotype Indian wrapper.

      From Harrisson to Beck sitar n’tabla.

      Geese, blackbirds & reversed drums.

9 Take it no more (The angels sing)

      The voice of the Lord on popular youth culture.

      Including three new commandements & singing angels.

10 Weatherman

       Scattered dreams of carnal lust.

       Too many if’s and but’s for a happy end.

11 Serious

       Complaint. Definitly Art. Bad Björk imitation in the last part.

12 Akadipu

       Sung in Avtupic, the near-extinct language of Avtupia.

       Lacking an interpreter (none of all 17 Avtupiarians speaks

       a second language) the meaning of the lyrics is rather vague.

       Possibly this song is in praise of the holy hamster Yali,

       god of the larder.

13 Blame it on the Pope (& on the welfare state)

      A protest song.

14 Mille et une nuit

      Written for a French singer with a rich Arabian friend.

      Incitements by Brigitte Bardot.

15 The final curtain

       If we can’t  be happy, let’s get famous.

16 Rivers

       Three great rivers in one mini-suite.

       Ger van Dijk on trumpets, Van Dyke Parks on inspiration.

Play: “The Road”

Play: “Unattainable Love”