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About Mark David Roberts:

Mark David Roberts is a Liverpool-based singer-songwriter. There are singer/songwriters and there are wordsmiths. It’s a fine distinction between the two, and Mark Roberts falls into the latter category. Every song is a story, and every story is weaved with intricate finger style and wistfully haunting vocals.

It has been nearly 7 years since the last commercial release, and we are proud to announce that the follow up to his debut album All At Sea is now complete, and is being released across the UK and Europe by Folkwit Records in association with Disco Fair (The Netherlands).

The new album entitled Easier Sung Than Said is a collection of 15 tracks and features arrangments by Dutch maestro Wim Oudijk.

Produced by Wim Oudijk.

Vocal and guitar tracks recorded in the UK by Nick Butcher, Folkwit Records.

Album artwork by Mick Dillingham.