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An astonishing array of musicians gathered together in Wim Oudijk's Discofair Studios over the past weeks to secretly record the debut album of W.I.M., a new rock outfit from the European heartland. Having inhaled more than 40 years of rock history deeply into their collective creative conscience W.I.M. offer tunes that might well be too classy to be deemed as classic rock. Instead, W.I.M. take the credentials of music and serve a dish of their own.

I say (thinking of the exotic delights of yam) while listening to the W.I.M. debut at full volume ---take a bite from the fruit yourself--- and jump up from that rockin' chair and dance around the front parlour with anyone who crosses your path! You deserve it!

Derrick Furrier

Press Agent

Wim Oudijk. Songwriter, composer and producer from The Hague, NL handles the lead vocals and the tickling of the ivories (or, more prosaic: anything with keys on board).

He was the catalyst in bringing the band together in Disc Fair studios in the south west of the Netherlands. Then there are four other members involved, whose names we can't reveal here for contractual obligations. All of them add their own distinguished style to the sound of W.I.M. , making it the debut of a cast of seasoned, experienced performers together in one studio for the first time.

Album # 1:   W.I.M. “Double You I Yam”  (2007)

Album# 2:  W.I.M.  “Second-Rate Satellites In A Lesser Firmament”  (2008)